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September 2014

We had an amazing launch weekend at the Goodwood Revival and would like to thank everyone who took the trouble to come by and see us.

We received a huge amount of positive feedback, and some great suggestions for additional software features - some of which we've already started implementing.

We're now working hard to ready the first production batch of GaugePilots for their customers, in parallel to obtaining the required approvals.

Below and Right are some photographs from Goodwood to whet your appetite.



June 2014

During our (stealth mode) work on GaugePilot, we have reproduced a number of SpeedPilot parts that were no longer available (including control knobs, mounting straps, mounting frame and knurled nuts) so when an estate sale of period Halda spare parts became available, it seemed natural to acquire it. We're currently cataloging the parts we've acquired and will be making them all available in our online shop,, together with our new reproductions.

This additional cataloging work has delayed the launch of our new online shop. We've taken the old shop off-line, so please call if you'd like to make a purchase in the meantime.

May 2014

Upgrading to leading cad software Spaceclaim Engineer has had a massive impact on our CAD capabilities and our productivity. We've now added Keyshot to be able to add photo realistic CAD rendering to our capabilities.

March 2014

Ahead of a major product launch later in the year, we're working behind the scenes to migrate our shop to a professional hosted shopping platform to allow people to more easily purchase this and our existing products.

We expect our new shop to be up-and-running during May.

February 2014

We're just finishing off our in-car trials of our 356BOARD LED rear lights before putting them on general sale.

Meanwhile, a couple of interesting snippets:-

The tail lights can be set to two different tail light levels, via a switch.

We recommend the brighter level for cars running with a 3rd brake light, though it still offers good contrast between tail lighting and braking. We actually use the same physical LED for both brake light and tail light, altering their brightness like a dual filament bulb - unlike the sets available in the USA.

The indicators also operate at two different brightnesses, automatically - super bright in day time for good visibility, and less bright at night where we don't want to dazzle other road users...

January 2014

We recently significantly upgraded our CAD capabilities by buying a seat of Spaceclaim Engineer.

Having evaluated the market we decided that Spaceclaim best fitted our needs, with its easy to learn interface, unrivaled CAD file format import / export support, and powerful mesh / STL handling abilities.